For a world without plastic waste
in our seas

Clean and Save the Word e.V. (CSW) dprotects not only the environment but also rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. We turn plastic waste into CSW is behind the project of converting plastic from water bodies and it is time to act quickly with our newly developed technologies

as ‘a symbol for what is probably the greatest environmental problem of our time at the moment.’

Our mission

The project aims not only to clean our rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, but also to raise awareness of the problem of plastic waste.

Our technology involves all essential aspects of the garbage problem in the world’s rivers, lakes, seas und oceans, from the gentle not the marine fauna, fish, small animals. To this end, CSW will convert disused oil platform suppliers into refuse collection vessels.

These garbage collectors can dispose of up to 20,000 tons of plastic waste per day in seas and oceans in an environmentally friendly way. Here, the garbage collection ships are equipped with sensors and a drone that, thanks to artificial intelligence, analyze the garbage and the origin.

Our approach

Plastic of various kinds is attacked in the water by the sun, waves and salt water and partly almost dissolved (in microplastics, then nano-plastic) and can not be recycled by normal means. But instead of recycling the collected plastic quantities into plastic granules, the CSW team has designed a more meaningful purpose:

We want to convert the plastic waste we have fished from the seas and oceans into pyrolysis oil, hydrogen and steam for a steam turbine installed on board by means of a plastic fusion pyrolysis.

The steam drives the garbage collection ship and the hydrogen is stored on board. The pyrolysis oil comes very close to kerosene and can be used in aviation via a refinery. The proceeds from pyrolysis can cover the entire cost of the “Plastic Waste” project for CSW.

Governments face the problem of plastic waste in an overburdened and helpless way and continue to shift responsibility, even though, according to our basic laws, everyone has a right to clean water.

In order to protect this fundamental right to clean water, CSW will use not only the garbage collection vessels on seas and oceans but also emission-free hydrogen-powered garbage collection boats for plastic waste disposal on rivers and lakes. Garbage collection boats for plastic and waste disposal have already proven themselves in rivers, lakes and coastal regions of the seas and protect the environment.

Garbage collection boats are already used nationally and internationally for plastic and garbage disposal with a daily capacity of A drone supports the garbage collection boats and locates garbage – hotspots in rivers and lakes. Here the garbage collection boats are equipped with sensors that can analyze the garbage and the origin thanks to artificial intelligence.

For the basic cleaning of rivers and lakes the garbage collection boats are supported by an underwater camera with sonar around garbage accumulations and scrap parts such as bicycles, refrigerators etc. to locate and finally out of the water. Clean rivers and lakes protect the seas and oceans, thereby protecting the ecosystem and our future.