For a world without plastic waste
in our seas


The biological cleaning and the reduction of pollutants like plastic waste, oils, and carbons of all kinds in rivers, seas, oceans, and on land. Since the last millennium, the experts of the CSW-team have worked with self-developed products and methods – a BEC (bacteria-enzyme-culture) which got authorized in 1995 by the Federal Environmental Agency Berlin under the UBA nr.: 2076 0006. The BEC-method removes all kinds of plastic, oils, and carbons biologically/by biological means

E.g.: A plastic bottle degrades in circa 450 years in rivers, seas, and oceans via flows, waves, and solar influence. With our BEK-method, this plastic bottle can be degraded within a few weeks.

Plastic bottle is broken down by bacteria-enzyme-culture

The BEC-method serves cleansing solid surface and concrete from oils and fats up to a depth of 30 centimeters and is being used in the industry and in hospitals for several years. Since the last millennium, our BEC-method has proved successful in cleansing rivers, seas, oceans, and land from plastic waster, oils, and hydrocarbon of all kinds.

EXXON Valdez” – oil catastrophe – 1989:
The team of CSW made significant contributions to biologically repair the environmental damage caused by oil.


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Oeko Sens

Assessment DVGW – research center/unit – The University of Karlsruhe confirms on the 22.01.1993 that the product ÖkoSens has an elimination rate of 95,9% in removing diesel fuel within 14 days.

We have experience!

The experts at CSW also have extensive experience in the thorough cleaning and rehabilitation of rivers and lakes. From PAHs, MKW, heavy metals and other chemical compounds.

These are photos of the river Sülze, South Harz, drainage 144.7 km, tributary river/Elbe before and after the cleansing and remediation by the CSW experts. For decades, the experts have engaged nationally and internationally decades in the cleansing, remediation, processing, research, and development of rivers and seas in numerous projects.

The bio-physical soil remediation, basic cleaning, and removing of waste of all sorts in rivers and seas is realized by using reconstructed garbage collection ships. These ships have been developed to the knowledge and experience of the CSW team and operate with a bacteria enzyme culture developed by us. CSW’s mission and task is to restore a clean and healthy environment of our waterbodies in a biological way.

For this purpose, we will remove plastic waste in rivers and seas so that it does not even flush into oceans, which regulate our climate and produce 75% of the oxygen that is vital for us.

CSW significantly engages in nature and environment preservation so that also in the future, our mother earth remains “the blue planet”.

Take tare of the earth for the benefit of a healthy humanity that lives in harmony with nature.